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Smith and Stevenson Inc. is a manufacturers representative serving the plumbing industry in North and South Carolina.  With 50+ years experience representing the top manufacturers in our industry, Smith & Stevenson has grown to be the premier rep agency for our Manufacturers, Customers, and Employees.  

Integrity is our Foundation
— Charlotte Pipe & Foundry

Areas of Expertise


Residential plumbing is changing every day.  New products that make life easier for the contractor, a competitive landscape for contractors and wholesalers alike, and technology changing the way everyone works and sells.  Our strong relationships and industry leading manufacturers are at the forefront of this new landscape

Plumbing Engineers

With all the products in the marketplace, we cut through the noise with two dedicated specialist who serve the Plumbing Engineer community.  Len Bowden and David Rosdol are able to dedicate time and resources to highlighting our manufacturers products and showing the value they bring to each project


Todays commercial plumbing market is fast paced and more competitive than ever.  Our market leading manufacturers, years of experience in the market, and our strong relationships at the wholesale and contractor level have established Smith & Stevenson as a leaders in selling and servicing the commercial plumbing segment.

Architects & Designers

A first in our market, we have a Designer Specification Specialist whose charge is to put our manufacturers fashion forward products in front of the top designers in our market.  These new relationships will pay huge dividends to our manufacturers now and well into the future.


Our in house waterworks specialist, Kurt Hartle, has 30 years experience in the field selling and servicing products in the waterworks segment.  His expertise in backflow prevention and pipe plug and testing equipment makes him a valuable asset, not only to Smith & Stevenson, but to the entire waterworks industry in North and South Carolina. 


Our Quotations department, headed by Laura Pelchat, has a combined 50 years experience working with plans and p schedules, to produce timely and accurate quotations for our manufacturers.  Our customers rely on these quotations to bring value to our relationships. 



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