Water Conservation

In today’s world, preserving our environment is more important than ever. Reducing our environmental footprint has become a priority, in almost all industries. The building industry is no different. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System outlines the ways in which construction and building operation can become environmentally friendly. Water conservation, energy efficiency, and materials selection are three important factors when evaluating if a building is environmentally friendly.  Smith & Stevenson represents different manufacturers whose products are routinely used in green buildings. See them listed below and follow the links to get more information and spec sheets on the products.

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BraeBRAE Rainwater Harvesting is just what it sounds like: The process of capturing rainwater to supplement the non-potable water needs of consumers, businesses, institutions, industrial facilities, and agriculture.  Implementing a rainwater harvesting system in your next project can help supplement existing stormwater management plans and ensure adequate water for operations.  Learn More


LAnscaster PumpsOatey manufactures many of their plastic pipe cements and primers in Lo-VOC versions, helping builders gain LEED credits. Check out the full selection here.

Charlotte Pipe

The ReUze Piping System, made with FlowGuard Gold, is a pipe designed for use in reclaimed water applications.  It’s purple color and clear markings let installers and maintenance staff know that this water is non-potable.  Learn More

The RePVC Piping System is the first PVC DWV pipe that uses recycled content. This recycled content makes up at least 30% of RePVC, while the inner and outer skins are made from virgin materials.  Learn More

Charlotte Cast Iron soil pipe uses 100% post-consumer recycled material.  Learn More


Sloan manufactures many products to help with water conservation. Among them are the Uppercut, Waterfree Urinals, and the new Sloan Ecos.  All of these products greatly reduce water consumption. Follow these links to learn more about these products:


Delta Faucet Company provides products that address today’s water conservation concerns as well as water purity and accessibility. These smart water delivery solutions maximize water efficiency and the life span of the products, without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of the user experience. Click Here


Watts regulator manufactures vacuum breakers, backflow preventers, drains, and tempering valves that can all be used to gain Green Building credits.

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GREEN Products

BRAE Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is exactly what it sounds like: capturing rainwater to supplement our non-potable water needs.

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NEW Products

Oatey True Set Adjustable Floor Drain

The Oatey True Set adjustable drain gives you a level installation to the finished floor every time.

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All-in-one WashBar Technology

From the leader in all-in-one technology, comes the award-winning WashBar with clean + rinse + dry functionality housed in a single component.